About ADT

When you are protected by ADT, you are protected by the largest, oldest, and one of the best security companies in the nation.

Throughout its 135-year history, ADT has led the way in the innovation of security services, from the simple Call Boxes of the early 1900’s to the interactive video surveillance of the year 2000.

And this experience is recognized. Over 90% of the Fortune 500 companies rely on ADT for their security needs, as does the largest residential customer base in the United States.

With ADT’s five major call centers, you can expect the authorities to be notified quickly of all security system activity. Time is crucial in reporting a disturbance. The faster the authorities get the call the more likely a suspect could be apprehended. Without monitoring, it may be several hours before the police get word of the disturbance instead of minutes.

With fire monitoring, ADT is watching your home whether you are there or not. Local smoke and heat detectors only help when someone’s there to hear them. With ADT fire monitoring you have a chance to save much of your home, family heirlooms and/or valuables, and maybe even your beloved family pet’s life.

ADT’s goal is to take action on all high priority signals within 60 seconds. With sophisticated equipment and well trained employees, the achievement of this goal is realized. And with five national call centers and a replication-type database, your account will be monitoring even if a call center is in a state of emergency and/or evacuated. With one call center, other companies cannot boast this advantage.

Don’t leave your home or business unprotected.

Let ADT protect your home the same way we protect the following:

United States Pentagon

The White House

Fort Knox

ADT protects over 90% of the Fortune 500 companies and government agencies including
The Pentagon, The White House, and Fort Knox and also protects over 5 million families.

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