Safety Tips

Fire Safety

A fire threatens a home and family every 57 seconds. A Fire Detection and/or Smoke Warning system could save your life. No matter how careful you are, all fire authorities agree that it is not possible to prevent all fires. There are ways, however, that you can lessen the danger and provide the most precautions possible, beginning with these basic rules:

Don’t overload your electrical circuits. This is one of the foremost cause of fires.
Keep matches and lighters out of reach of children.
Don’t smoke in bed.
Don’t accumulate oil or greasesoaked rags.
Keep combustibles far from heat sources.
Contrary to popular belief, the smell of smoke will not wake you. As a matter of fact, the poisonous gases actually put you into a deeper sleep. For this reason, it is essential that you have the appropriate warning system in effect to alert you and your family, should a fire break out in the middle of the night.

While Away on Business or Pleasure

Keep jewelry and other small valuables in a safe deposit box when going away.
If possible, have a friend or neighbor collect newspapers and mail daily and check on your home. Stopping such services increase the number of people who know you’re away.
Arrange to have your lawn mowed when you are away.
Ask neighbors not to tell repair workers or strangers of your absence.

Securing Entrances and Openings Around the House

All entry doors including those from basement or garage entrances should be solid core wood that is at least 1-3/4″ thick, or metal.
Doors should fit tightly, with 1/S” maximum clearance.
Doors with glass panels should have a break resistant plastic panel or a metal grill.
Sliding doors require a special lock or wooden strip in the track to block the door from opening.
Do not install any door hinges on the outside where they can be easily unscrewed.
Use dead-bolt door locks with a strike plate attached by 3″ screws.
A rim-mounted lock, attached to the door with long screws, when combined with a dead-bolt provides good protection.
Reinforced locks should be used on all doors.

In The Event of a Break-in

If your home or apartment appears to have been broken into, do not go inside. Call the police.
If you hear a burglar at night, stay in bed and pretend to be asleep. Most often, a burglar will want to take valuables and leave unnoticed. If you encounter a prowler, do not fight with him or her unless you are physically threatened. If attacked, use everything at your disposal, including objects, to inflict blows to the windpipe, groin, feet, eyes, etc. Scream throughout. Do whatever is necessary to escape and get help.

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